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Aatma-ism (The Soul-ism, આત્મ ધર્મ)

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31st Oct 2010 at Baltimore, Maryland, USA. It is a totally new knowledge based on Scientific Principles and Facts.


Dhirajlal Gokaldas Parekh, a modern scientist, lives in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Major Scriptures:

“Aatmagita” The Soul, The GOD. (The Soul is an English word. Aatma is an Indian Hindu word. Every culture has given a name to The Soul according to their language)

This book is Aatma (the Soul) based. The central theme is “Focus on The Soul, the ignorance shall disappear by itself”. Only The Soul is enlightenment (knowledge) all else is ignorance.

New, unique and simple method to experience “Self-Enlightenment” in few years, depending on intensity and sincerity of your efforts.

Aatmagita book is written by Dhirajlal Parekh in 2013. The book is not based on any known religion, scriptures or any speeches by sages or erudite. This book is based on scientific principles and behavior principles of human-beings.

Dhiraj had an experience of ‘Self-Enlightenment on Oct 30, 2010. Being a scientist, it took 3 years to put the revelations in a principle and factual based language. The knowledge presented in this book is completely different from all other known scriptures, religions, philosophies, and speeches by many sages and erudite. Due to the limitations of language, the some words may be similar but the concept and method is completely different.




Web based, Television, Radio and Print media based.


When light (The Soul, Pure, Knowledge) is experienced, the darkness (Ego, Impure, Ignorance,) disappears automatically. Knowledge dissolves the ignorance.

Six basic principles:

  1. Everything is inanimate except “The Soul”. (“Om (ૐ) Aatmay Namah” is the Mantra)
  2. Next five principles are to be complimentary to the first principle.
  3. Knowledge (Enlightenment) dissolves Ignorance. (The experience of ‘The Soul” dissolves the ignorance. (Ego, Body, and Universe). Darkness disappears when light comes. The Soul is the light and everything else is the darkness.
  4. Human being is a creature of Habit. Human has an ability to change the habit. (Form a habit to remember ‘The Soul” all the time)
  5. Everything is Mind over matter. Human behaves according to his mind, thoughts. (Think of only “The Soul”)
  6. “The Memory” is the root-cause of everything. (Increase the memory of “The Soul”)
  7. The universe operates in accordance with the principle called “Cause and Effect”. (Create only the causes of “The Soul”)


  • Find a principle based way to Nirvana.
  • All the known religions teach us to purify ourselves (Ego) in their own method and explanations.
  • It is impossible to purify which is by its own constitution is inherently impure. Ego is inherently impure.
  • So, get hold of pure (The Soul) and impure (Ego) shall begin to dissolve itself automatically.
  • Experience “Self-Enlightenment” in this day and age (kaliyug) within few years.
  • Nirvana shall be automatic.
  • Experience is permanent, Information is temporary. (This knowledge is experienced based)
  • Oneness with The Soul. (Subject and object must become one)
  • One need not be concerned about kriyas, gnanas, yogas and all devotional activities such as praying to an idol (Deity), chanting songs, reading scriptures and having a Guru (teacher).
  • Self-taught.
  • Learn a basic fact: 1. Enlightenment (knowledge, gnan) shall dissolve all ignorance automatically. 2. Do you ever say “Thanks” to your own Soul? Do you ever pray to your own Soul?
  • Practice to say “ૐ Aatmay namah” while focusing your mind at the heart all day long while doing the daily chores.
  • Practice to become one with The Soul while meditating one hour a day.

Beliefs and Basis of Beliefs:

There are three kinds of beliefs 1. Principle based beliefs. (No right and wrong analysis) 2. Philosophical based beliefs (Right and wrong analysis) and 3. Faith based beliefs. (No questions)

  • The Soul is The God.
  • The Soul is God because we are all alive due to the presence of The Soul in our body. Hence The Soul is God. Otherwise we all would be dead.
  • There are only two issues in a human life. 1. The Soul and 2. Ego.
  • Only The Soul is Pure and The Ego is impure by its own inherent constitution.
  • The Soul is permanently Pure and Ego is permanently impure.
  • Good Ego or Bad Ego, Good ego creates good causes (punyas) and bad ego creates bad causes (papas). Both are bondages. Good causes are bondages for heaven and Bad causes are bondages for hell.
  • Ego is impure and shall remain impure forever because of Anger, Pride, Attachment, Greed, Likes, Dislikes, Fear, Doubts etc.
  • All human beings have Chitt (Auto Camera) in our mind which constantly takes pictures whether we want it or not. Chitt stores the pictures in the memory human bank and also in the Mother Nature (Kudarat).
  • Chitt has been taking pictures of impurity of Ego for generations.
  • Chitt does not have a delete button.
  • All pictures are stored in the memory.
  • The characteristic of memory bank in human is that if the pictures of one thing are increased, the pictures of the other thing shall decrease automatically.
  • So, if the pictures of The Soul are increased, the pictures of Ego shall decrease automatically to the point when those impure pictures shall have no effect in our life.
  • The Ego shall become affectless.
  • The decision to purify Ego is also Ego, hence impure.
  • The process of purification of Ego is actually impure because the process is Egoistic.
  • So how can one become Pure by trying to purify his Ego? It is not possible because of Chitt, who is talking the pictures constantly.
  • Because of the presence of the Chitt, Ego cannot be converted into Pure from Impure because Chitt is taking the pictures of the process of purification.
  • Chitt does not let Ego become pure even if Ego would like to become pure.
  • The process of purification of Ego creates causes of good deeds hence it is bondage. Good deeds shall give Heaven as a result but it will not help towards Nirvana.
  • Hence Ego cannot become Pure no matter what you do.
  • So the only possibility is to make Ego affectless to the point that it does not stop the progress to Nirvana.
  • When one reaches Nirvana, Ego disappears completely. This is also called ego is vanished, destroyed.
  • But Ego can be cleaned up but it cannot become Pure.
  • Good deeds and bad deeds are both bondages.
  • Hence Ego cannot be purified but it can be forgotten to the point that it has almost no effect on oneself.
  • As the memory of The Soul (Pure) increases more and more, the memory of Ego (Impure) shall decrease to the point of ineffective. Then there shall be only memory of the Soul. So in the next life The soul shall be in Nirvana.
  • In Nirvana, there is no human body. The Soul resides in Nirvana as sentient element only. Its own body.
  • So try to take only the pictures of The Soul, Ego shall disappear automatically.
  • The Soul is The GOD. The GOD is perfect, complete.
  • The GOD is not the creator, destroyer, savior and discriminator.
  • The God is not knower and observer.
  • Each soul within everybody is The GOD.
  • There is no union with The GOD because the Soul itself is The GOD.
  • The Soul is sentient element only.
  • The Soul is never created nor destroyed.
  • The Soul is smaller than the smallest and larger than the largest at the same time. Hence it is indestructible.
  • The Soul cannot exist in the universe without a physical body.
  • Each Soul is separate in each body.
  • All Souls have the same characteristics.
  • Nirvana is outside of the universe.
  • There are only two things 1. The Soul and 2. Mother Nature (Kudarat)
  • The Soul is unaffected and unattached.
  • The Soul does not do anything in the body. It is just present in the body.
  • The soul does not have intellect like human beings to discriminate. Imagine if the human and the soul within, both have intellect in the same body?
  • The Soul only has a presence in the living body.
  • The presence of The Soul within the body gives energy so that the body functions.
  • The Soul itself is enlightenment so the whole universe, the knowledge of every living being and existence of all non-living things also shines in it.
  • Everything other than The Soul in the Mother Nature (Universe) is considered “Attached and Affected” by all internal and external happenings around all living being and non-living things.
  • The Mother Nature is a built in program of “Cause and Effect”.
  • Mother Nature does not do anything to make it operational. It automatically operates.
  • Everything in Mother Nature (Universe, Kudarat) operates on the law of ‘Cause and Effect’.
  • Mother Nature is not creator, destroyer, savior or discriminatory.
  • The Soul does not reincarnate. Ego reincarnates according to the memory (Cause) attached with the Ego.
  • The Soul is constant and steady. Everything else including all particles of the universe, is changing constantly because of the presence of air, water, fire, earth and space. Hence there is constant change in planets and all living and non-living things in the universe.
  • The law of ‘Cause and Effect” does not affect the Soul.
  • The spiritual master is not needed to experience “Self-Enlightenment”.
  • Purification of discipline, good conduct, to understand the scriptures etc is not necessary to experience “Self-Enlightenment”
  • One must want to experience the ‘Self-Enlightenment”
  • “Self-Enlightenment” is the experience of the Soul for duration.
  • Only practice needed is to meditate one hour to become one with The Soul”.
  • The Soul has shape. It is known as “The sentient sphere of light and knowledge”
  • Doing good deeds during the life time, helping others etc shall help towards focusing while meditating. Anger, Pride, Attachment, Greed, Likes, Dislikes, Fear, Doubts etc distracts during meditation.
  • The soul is not sunya. (Zero)
  • The soul is not energy. The presence of The Soul gives the energy.
  • Consciousness, awareness is not the Soul. Consciousness, awareness exists only as long as The soul is present in the body.
  • The Soul is the Life Source.
  • The Soul is not unification of all fields of energy of the universe, as explained by physicists.
  • Everything other than The Soul is lifeless.
  • You are (Human beings) totally responsible for all the things happening to you in your lifetime because of the principle of “Cause and Effect”
  • It is up to you to create the “Causes”
  • Everything happening in your life, every moment of your life is an Effect, the result.
  • Whatever you think is a cause.
  • What to think is in your control.
  • Every thought is a cause.
  • Human being never stops thinking. Until now, you were thinking of the social world constantly (Chitt was taking the pictures of the social world) while performing daily chores, now that we know the principle of Chitt, start thinking of The Soul constantly while performing the daily chores.
  • The Soul does not have human intellect; hence no new causes are created when you think of The Soul.
  • If you think of The soul, you are creating the causes of The Soul. So you shall get The Soul as a result, the effect. The Soul is ‘Nirvana”. End of the cycle of birth and death.
  • If you think of the sansar (Social World of a person) then you are creating the causes of the sansar. The cycle of birth and death continues.
  • “I am a pure soul” or ‘Aham Brahmasmi” is Ego.
  • The Soul is Soul and I am is Ego.
  • I, me, mine and doer-ship is ego. So to separate ‘my” from “I” is illogical. Also it is impossible to do it.
  • I can never be The Soul. The Soul resides in my body.
  • The Soul has a shape. The shape was found based on the characteristics of “The Soul”.
  • It is called “Sentient Sphere of Light and Knowledge”.
  • The Soul is located in the heart at the AV node in Bundle of His. The Soul does not occupy space. Hence it cannot be found or seen physically at this location.

Path of Attainment:

  • Keep chanting “ૐ (Om) Aatmay Namah” within while performing daily chores.
  • Meditate to become one with the soul at least for one hour a day.
  • Increase the memory of The Soul within.
  • Enlightenment (Knowledge, Light) dissolves ignorance (Darkness).
  • Everything other than The Soul is not Soul.
  • The process for “Self-Enlightenment” is to understand only Six simple principles.
  1. Pray to your own Soul
  • Chanting “ૐ Aatmay Namah” within by focusing your mind at heart constantly while doing your daily chores.
  1. Knowledge (Enlightenment) dissolves Ignorance. (The experience of ‘The Soul” dissolves the ignorance. (Ego, Body, and Universe). Darkness disappears when light comes. The Soul is the light and everything else is the darkness.
  1. Human being is a creature of habit.
  • Form a habit to chant within “ૐ Aatmay Namah”
  • Form a habit to Meditate everyday for one hour to become one with The Soul”.
  1. Everything is ‘Mind over Matter’.
  • Human being is controlled by his mind.
  • Make a decision and follow the path as described above with determination.
  • Every thought is a cause, which shall give you result at appropriate time whether in this life time or next life; depending on intensity of the effort.
  1. Memory is the key to achieve “Self-Enlightenment”.
  • Chitt (Auto Camera) is constantly taking pictures of everything whether we want it or not, and stores them in the memory.
  • Thoughts come from memory.
  • The function of memory is that “If the memory of one thing increases, the memory of the other shall decrease automatically”.
  • There is no delete button in memory.
  • So, increase the memory of The Soul constantly if you want to experience “Self-Enlightenment”. This can be done in just a few years depending on the intensity of your sincere effort and determination.
  1. Cause and Effect
  • Everything in this universe functions according to the principle of Cause and Effect.
  • The effect (Result) shall be in exact proportion to the cause (Reason).
  • The Mother Nature (Kudarat) is the law of cause and effect.
  • If you create the causes of The Soul, you shall get The Soul as a result. This is “Self-Enlightenment”.
  • If you can create causes of the Soul constantly then you shall get Nirvana as a result. The cycle of birth and death shall cease.
  • The causes of anything other than the Soul shall give you the social world. The cycle of birth and death shall continue.   


  • Goal of life is Nirvana.
  • Self-Enlightenment is the first step towards nirvana.
  • Everything other than The Soul is ignorance.
  • The Soul is the light and ignorance is the darkness. Darkness (Ignorance) disappears when light (Enlightenment) comes.
  • Everything is Mind over Matter.
  • Chitt (Auto Camera) is always taking pictures of thoughts, the experiences of five senses, daily chores, daily interactions etc. It stores everything in the memory. Thoughts come from memory. Hence we all human beings always live in the past.
  • Increase the memory of The Soul.
  • Chant “ૐ Aatmay Namah” within constantly all day long while keeping the focus at heart and continue to perform daily chores.
  • Meditate one hour everyday by focusing mind at heart and try to become one with The Soul.
  • This shall increase your memory of The Soul. Memory is the cause. So the result shall be The Soul.
  • Once even for a short period of time, you become one with The Soul, you shall experience the Soul. This is called “Self-Enlightenment”


  • According to the principle of “If you have a name, you have characteristics and shape”.
  • Based on the characteristics of The Soul, The shape of The Soul can be easily found.
  • The soul has a shape.
  • The shape The Soul is:
  • Booklet 104 pgs CTC TO UPLOAD.jpg    Sentient sphere of light and knowledge. (Aatma, Thyself, The Soul, The GOD)
  • It is the chetan (Sentient) tatva (Element).
  • It is boundryless and colorless.

What is knowledge?

  • Knowledge means experience of Information.
  • Here knowledge means the experience of The Soul.
  • The Soul itself is enlightenment so the whole universe, the knowledge of every living being and existence of all non-living things also shines in it.
  • I as a human being, the knowledge of my own world shine within me. I think according to my memory. I live my life based on my memory. I deal with whom I remember according to my memory on a daily basis.

What is Prakash (Presence)?

  • Prakash means mere presence. By mere presence of The Soul, every living entity is alive.
  • Prakash gives energy to the body to function.
  • By mere presence of souls of all the living beings of the universe are alive.
  • For comparison purposes: Just by mere presence of the sun, we see all the things, all the things are shining.

What is Sphere? (Golo, Globe)?

  • All elements always look like sphere, globe (golo) in atom form. Golo means complete, globe like, no infractions, no impervious fractions and it is solid, perfect shape. The soul element (atom) is so flexible that it can be the smallest of the small and the largest of the large simultaneously at one time. It is larger than the size of universe. It is always present in all living beings everywhere in the universe. It is omnipotent. It is immortal, indestructible.
  • In modern science if one may look thru the electron microscope, one shall find that the shape of all atoms is always sphere like, round or globe. Same way The Soul atom is a sphere, globe.
  • With these characteristic I was able to find a possible shape of aatma.
  • Increase the memory of The Soul by chanting “ૐ Aatmay Namay” and by trying to become one with The Soul while meditating shall increase the memory of The Soul tremendously. The thoughts come from the memory. Hence you shall always think of The Soul only.
  • Thought is cause. So as an effect, you shall experience The Soul.
  • The knowledge of the scriptures may help, but it is not necessary according to this process.
  • Life is short, the problems are many. If I am always consumed by the problems of life, when would I have time to read the scriptures? Understand the scriptures and follow their path?
  • This is the easy, simple and principle based path without changing anything in my daily life. I do not have to go anywhere. I can do this in my home.

None. Only the Shape of The Soul.

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All human beings regardless of the creed, education, caste, gender, beliefs etc. are eligible to experience Self-Enlightenment.




  • No financial donations accepted.
  • Promotional activities accepted. Such as speaking engagements, audio, video, power point presentations help etc.
  • One can promote books, audio, video etc. on their own.

Locations (temples):

  • No temples. Not needed.
  • Only web based (Website, Facebook, Youtube), TV, Radio, Print media etc.


  • Website: www.aatmagnan.com
  • Face book page: www.facebook.com/AumAatmaayNamah
  • You tube: Just type: “aatmagnan” or type “The Soul”
  • All materials, books, ebooks, mobile app, ringtone, audio, video etc are free. Go to the website and download. It is all free.

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